The valley of the Famatina mountains, in the province of La Rioja, is the place where Petrus is elaborated with great dedication and care, so as to make it an essential touch to supplement your meals. Our distinctive features are.....


What makes our olive oil different from others?
Manual harvesting
At a time when mechanized harvesting is at its height, our firm takes pride in carrying out this process manually, which guarantees better handling of the fruit besides giving rise to a genuine source of jobs within our community.
Limited lot production
Our oil is manufactured in a single lot production that takes place in April every year and is carefully preserved until it reaches your table.
Like most products made with great zeal and care, it is produced in a limited lot, as is shown on our bottles, each of which is individually numbered, enabling our customers to trace them and so trust its quality.
Acknowledged Premium Quality
From the start, our product has participated in several international competitions, having obtained awards along all the campaigns to the present. This allows us to offer our customers excellent quality oil tested and certified by expert test panels.